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New York Child Adoption Process

New York has a very specific process when it comes to child adoption.  It can be complicated, but the good news is that there are lawyers in New York who are experienced in this area of law and can help you through each step.

You must start by completing an application with the Office of Children and Family Services. Once your family is approved, they will put you on a list for adoption in which you will wait until a child in need becomes available for adoption in your family.

If all parties agree upon adoption placement, then the next step is to consent to a home study, which includes both criminal background checks and home inspections. The agency that conducts the home study interviews prospective adoptive parents about their backgrounds, experience with children, their background, their finances, and previous relationships, and their reasons for becoming adoptive parents.

New York Child Adoption Process

This information is used to determine whether the prospective parents are capable of adopting a child into their family. The assessment also has specific requirements that will depend upon each state’s regulations, but it is important not to leave anything out because this could be detrimental to your success in adopting if you turn out not to meet all criteria.

The next step consists of completing the adoption certification process, which includes mandatory counseling with an agency social worker, consultation with an attorney about the rules regarding interstate placements (these typically require special procedures), and completion of post-placement supervision until permanency has been achieved.

The final step involves filing an application through another state’s central adoption registry or other central authority to ensure that all steps have been followed and that the child is eligible for adoption under the law.

What Agencies Can You Work With For Adoption In NYC?

If you’re looking to adopt in New York, you should work with a reputable agency or an attorney who can help guide and assist you through the process. There are over 100 adoption agencies in NYC alone; here is a list of a few types of adoption agencies that may be able to help get your home study done:

In New York City, there are several great agencies that offer inclusive services for all would-be parents from all backgrounds and every walk of life including the LGBT community:

·        Broadway Family Adoption 

One of the premier international adoption agencies in NYC. They focus on the needs of adoptive families and birth parents.

·        Spence-Chapin 

One of New York City’s largest adoption agencies, serving all five boroughs since 1892. Their mission is to provide excellence in services through collaboration with community-based organizations, family choice, and quality social work practice.

·        St Francis International 

This agency helps support families who are looking for an infant domestically or internationally as well as those who live in NY but are looking for an infant through international adoption or foster care placement (for children over 4). They offer inclusive services for adoption.

Many of their children are domestically born and there is a heavy emphasis on supporting families from the time they receive referrals until finalization. They have an expedited process for adoptions, which is somewhat more expensive than other agencies.

·        New York Adoption Exchange 

This agency offers options for domestic or international adoption as well as foster care placement for older children. The focus here is on finding loving homes while also understanding what makes a family complete in different ways.

Their staff understands how to support adoptive parents during post-placement and encourage openness with birth families even if it means decreasing the timeline of the placement process by a few months. They do not charge fees; everything will be covered, so there are no hidden costs. They have a social work department that is available to answer any questions you may have about the adoption process.

·        American Adoptions 

They offer everything from matching, post-placement, and travel services, all for a price. It’s an option if you want someone to do all of the work for you but there are no guarantees with this agency either, as it could affect how open your adoption can be throughout the process. They will charge fees depending on how much work they put into finding a family for your child.

These are just a few of the agencies that you can work with, and there are still several independent adoption agencies in New York. You can find a family through one of these agencies, or you can work with an attorney who is experienced in private adoptions; this option will cost significantly less than working with an agency because the adoptive parents and the expectant mother will be dealing directly with each other throughout the process without any third parties involved.

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