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What Are The Types Of Adoption

Adoption is a type of child protection process. In the United States, there are several types of adoptions available depending on state laws and the position of the birth parents to sign over parental rights.

Here are some of the types of adoption:

Expedited Adoption

An expedited adoption is a quick legal procedure for moving a minor from home to home without attention drawn to the proceedings. It means that all records related to the child’s origin have been sealed, including any family history or medical background.

This may be done in cases where a child has been neglected or abused by their biological parents and it is necessary to remove them immediately from the environment as part of their best interest. In most cases, you will never be told the background of the child you adopt.

Expedited adoptions are not always available, as it is the preference of many countries to have a more public approach that will encourage others to adopt.

Types Of Adoption

Non-Identifying Background Adoption

A non-identifying background adoption is a type of adoption where all records related to a child’s origin are kept private between the adoptive family and the biological parents (and sometimes even children).

This may be done in cases where you want information about your adopted child but don’t want them to feel obligated to share their story with you. You can legally request this kind of adoption, but they can refuse if they choose not to provide any information. If the consent forms are available for you (the adopting party) then there might be some medical history provided.

Open Adoption

Open adoption is one in which there is an ongoing relationship between adoptive and biological parents. It typically occurs where a pregnant woman chooses to place her baby for adoption, then changes her mind and decides to parent after all. She can then request that the adoptive family help make an open adoption work; typically this means agreeing to stay in contact via letters, pictures, and visits.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open or semi-closed adoption consists of two families who agree on limited visitation rights such as sending photos and letters back and forth but without any actual meetings between birth and adoptive parents. This kind of arrangement might be appropriate when one party lives too far away from the other for face-to-face contact to be practical.

Closed Adoption

A closed adoption may be right for you if you feel you do not want any contact with the adoptive family and don’t mind if your child never knows his or her biological roots. This type of adoption is often kept secret from everyone, including the child.

This type of adoption requires that there will be no contact between the birth parent(s) and adoptive parents. Neither of these parties will know anything about the other party such as name, address, or of their location.

Foster Care Adoption

Adopting a child through foster care is one of the easier ways of adoption. If you choose to adopt a child from the foster care system, the state or county will select a child that is in need of a home. The state or county will determine what would be best for the child and will look to your family as well as many other families to find an appropriate home.

Your agency representative may encourage you to take a test for this type of adoption, but there are no set requirements. You can adopt a baby through foster care even if you have financial problems, health issues, age limits, marital status, sexual orientation, and religion.

These are just a few of the adoption options available to you, but when you talk with an agency they can provide you with even more insight on what can be done to adopt a child.

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